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Strategies to navigating the Stress Lane with Tarryn Bellingham

Stress is not bad, it’s our relationship with stress that causes havoc here's some tips from Tarryn's presentation.

  • Know the difference between then stress response and the anxiety response.  One saves our life and the other makes us sick.

  • Belly breathing is a great way to short circuit any feelings of stress.

  • Use the breath to book end your days – start and end the day with clarity and calm.

  • Use the breathe to clean the slate when you need a moment– for example, when the kids are driving your crazy,  before a meeting or when you are stuck in traffic.

  • Tune in versus tuning out.  When an emotion feels intense (like anxiety),  don’t push it away, label what emotion it is and tell yourself it’s OK,  you are feeling anxious but it will pass.  This takes away the fuel and the emotion dissipates.

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