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Pilates and more with Katie Swift

Some important take home tips from Katie Swift's Pilates class.

1) Posture!

Posture doesn’t seem like so much of an ‘exercise’ but finding and practicing posture not only connects the muscles we need to keep us upright, but helps create new neural pathways which keep working even when we aren’t thinking about it. Good posture engages our core stabilisers, helps us balance and helps to repair things such as diastasis recti (when the fascia which joins our abs together at the front pulls apart)

So-practice sitting, standing or lying down! Long spine, full breaths and engagement!

2) The blueberry! For those of you in class on Saturday I hope you have remembered (and had a good chuckle!) at this one. Repairing our deep core muscles such as our pelvic floor is something that often gets brushed over. As we did on Saturday, sitting - lifting up nice and tall, imagine you have a blueberry placed just at the entrance to your vagina. Take a big breath in, as you exhale imagine you are lifting the blueberry up as high as you can, as you exhale imagine you are putting the blueberry all the way back down again. Repeat as often as you need as no one but you will know that’s what you’re doing! A great way to find your connection to your pelvic floor again and to strengthen and control. Remember- It’s just as important to be able to pop the blueberry back down as it is to lift it up..

3) Latch-key We get very busy concentrating on our wee ones and often put ourselves last. This includes holding on to our bladder for too long and then finding the shock of ‘oh no I need to pee RIGHT NOW!’ This often manifests when opening our front door - hence ‘latch key’ this isn’t necessary incontinece, but sometimes that we have just not emptied our bladders when we needed to. If you feel the horror of needed to Lee immediately, try counting back from 100 in 7’s. This should distract the brain long enough for you to be able to get to the toilet!

4) Breathing - SO IMPORTANT Yet we neglect it and ourselves. Big, full, deep diaphragm breaths. This also helps reset our ‘fight or flight’ mode and activates our parasympathetic nervous system. Even if bubba is upset, you’ll be in a much better place to deal with that stress if you can find a moment of calmness and be able to respond rather than react.

All this information and more-plus detailed videos and nutritional information are available from the balanced Mama Project 0+ weeks guide :)

If anyone would like to come to a class I currently teach:

  • Mondays 6-7pm : DanceFit at Selwyn Community Education

  • Tuesdays 8.30-9.15am Mat Pilates (and then 1-1 pilates until 12.30pm) Auckland Physiotherapy in Newmarket.

  • Thursday’s: 9.30-10.30 Barre at St Heliers Community Centre

  • Saturday’s: 9.15-10am Barre District Fitness, CBD

  • Sunday’s 9-10am Pilates SALA, Ponsonby

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