The faces behind MOMM

Teri Doody

I’m Teri, Mum to two gorgeous boys, Dexter 5 and Harley 2 and baby girl, Jazz.  I’ve always known I wanted 3, my partner took a little convincing but he’s one of 5 so it wasn’t too hard.

Health, wellbeing & exercise have  always been important to me and a massive contributor to my mental wellbeing AND it has been a big part of keeping me balanced since having kids. It’s been an awesome year of events for MOMM and great seeing them evolve and meet new Mums plus connect with those that have been to a number of events now! 


It’s so important to have support and support each other as Mums and that’s what our events do! Plus they provide amazing tools to apply to day to day life. 

There’s some amazing people doing great things in the health and wellness industry and it’s been such an inspiring journey so far.


Maria Walker


I’m Maria, proud Mum to Lily and Charlie and wife to hubby Iain. For me becoming a Mum has been something no-one could've prepared me for.  It's something I always wanted but I had no idea the intense love, the daily challenges and how much I would discover about myself.  

Motherhood is such a journey and it’s been amazing to share it with people like Teri and now so many amazing Mums! That’s how and why MOMM was created as we’ve learnt first hand we need all the support we can get.

Seeing Lily and now Charlie continue turn into such a vibrant personality has made it all worthwhile! 

It’s amazing to see after a year the community we’re growing, the people and connections we’re forming and we can’t wait for what the next year has installed for us and MOMM.