Event Two


Petra Horvatić

Petra from Yum Mom Fitness took us through a Pilates session at Event 2.
After Petra finished her master degree at the university of Sport Science in Zagreb and working in the Fitness industry for more than 13 years, she moved to NZ. She loves to teach Pilates, Yoga and high intensity classes. 
Becoming a mum in a new country without her family and friends made her realise how important it is to have support and help with a newborn, both mentally and physically. 
She believes to work on yourself is an important part of the recovery process after giving birth, to find something that you love to do so you can be strong for your baby and for your partner. For her, that is to be active, fitness has always been her passion and vehicle to achieve this goal - that’s why she completed extra studies in Pre and Postnatal Fitness so I can help other women with their journeys. She loves to work with people, see them happy while achieving their goals and enjoying along the way. 

Facebook: YumMom-Fitness
Instagram: yummomfitness

Email: petraahorvatic@gmail.com

Fliss Rissetto

Fliss also known as The Healthy Hippy NZ, is a Mum of 3 boys and it’s fair to say she has a few tips and tricks for all MOMM's! Fliss is such a down to earth person, and super real about the ins and outs of motherhood.
Fliss shared her own journey at Event 2 about which includede the day to day overwhelm of mum life, the balance between you and mum you, having a village vs not having a village, tips and tricks for self care and more.  
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Website: www.thehealthyhippy.co.nz

Facebook: thehealthyhippy

Instagram: fliss.is

Email: hello@thehealthyhippy.co.nz

Nickola Magerkorth

Nikola from Nirmala Wellbeing offered an introduction to Meditation.  Nik is an advocate for ‘healing the whole’. As a corporate escape, Nik holds a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Otago and has recently finished her Bachelor of Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine with Wellpark Collage of Natural Therapies.

With a Diploma of Yoga from the Himalayan Yoga Institute, she has over nine years of personal yoga practice and five years of teaching experience. RYT200 trained, she is a passionate yoga teacher and fuses her natural leadership qualities alongside her knowledge, passion, experience and LOVE of yoga and mindfulness to create highly specialised and individualised classes. Her aim is to make yoga intentional and accessible for all.

Nik believes wellbeing begins with the power of self-love. In a world that tells us not to love our self, nurturing and grounding practices offer us a way to reconnect with ourselves and others. Nik will be leading a small meditation and will talk a little about the history and the evidence based benefits. We can’t wait to learn from her.

Website: www.nirmalawellbeing.com

Facebook: nirmalawellbeing

Instagram: @nirmalawellbeing 

Email: nikola@nirmalawellbeing


Feedback from lovely Mums who attended the event

- The sessions were all great in their own way, I really enjoyed the whole vibe. Such a safe and comfortable event to meet new people and engage with mums and mums to be.
- I loved the mix of a talk, exercise session and then relaxation 😍
- I felt very cared for, informed, and the pace was excellent. It was just the right balance of workout with the Pilates first and and the shorter meditation. Coffee afterwards is great too. Thanks to you both so much! #nailedit
- It was an awesome 2 hours and none of it dragged or felt unnecessary, thank you! X
- The goodie bags were awesome, loved them!
- Absolutely loved coming to the second event and looking forward to November’s event and recommending to the new mums I have met through antenatal classes. Life is about to turn upside down but I’m feeling better now knowing I have a community I can reach out to and feel ‘normal.’