Event Three

Our Presenters

Kate Ivey took us through a 20 min HIIT workout and self motivation / goal setting, for more info on the goal setting session, see our blog.

Kate is the founder of DediKate an online health and fitness community for busy women. Kate lives on a farm near Aoraki Mt Cook in the South Island, yet helps thousands of women all throughout NZ.

Website: kateiveyfitness.co.nz

Facebook: kateiveyfitness

Instagram: kateiveyfitness

Email: kate@kateiveyfitness.co.nz

Abbie O'Rourke talked to us about how to care for yourself nutritionally when you are busy with your baby! Abbie discussed what your nutritional priorities are after having a baby, and how that translates into practical solutions for at home or out and about.

Abbie is a registered nutritionist and founder of Feel Fresh Nutrition.  Abbie sees nutrition as more than just food. She thinks its necessary to address both the tangible and intangible; food and feelings; science and influence; conscious thought and habits. We are all so unique in our needs, there is no one size fits all approach when nutrition is involved! 

Website: feelfreshnutrition.com

Facebook: feelfreshnutrition

Instagram: feelfreshnutrition

Email: abbie@feelfreshnutrition.com

Katie Swift took us through a Pilates class and discussed important take home exercises, tips and tricks to remember post-partum, see our blog for more info from the day.

Katie began her career as a professional Dancer travelling the world performing in shows, and while Dancing in London found Pilates, Reformer Pilates and Barre. Becoming a Mum to Finn in 2016 Katie is passionate about giving women the opportunity to work out safely and educating what they can do in order to be able to return to exercise and lifestyle safely in the future.
Katie is currently teaching rehabilitation Pilates, small group Post Natal exercise, running Barre classes and managing the Yoga Barre studio at District Fitness, where she is the creative Director of the in-house Barre programme and oversees the training and team.

Website: katieswift.com

Facebook: hello@katieswift.com

Instagram: katieswift_pilates_barre

Email: hello@katieswift.com

Tarryn Bellingham shared her three proven yet simple strategies of finding calm within the chaos of being a mum, a business woman, a stepmum and navigating the bumpy ride of stress and anxiety. For more info, see our blog.

Tarryn is a Corporate Health and Wellness Adviser, Speaker and a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher who loves to educate people about the impact of living in the stress lane. 

Website: tarrynbellingham.com

Facebook: Tarryn-Bellingham

Instagram: tarrynbellingham

Email: tarryn@tarrynbellingham.com

Amanda Fell lead us through a Mum specific Yoga session.

Yoga Instructor with a passion for living each moment in a mindful and aware state, constantly seeking to encompass this way of living on, and off her mat. 
Amanda has a Diploma in Yoga, with specialised training in Prenatal Yoga. She has a passion for working with mums to be and children.


Amanda's classes are always an experience, whether they are upbeat and dynamic, or slow and restorative. They are often set to an inspiring playlist that takes you on a journey from start to finish, complements the class and uplifts your practice. Amanda has a fun and friendly approach to teaching, she enjoys bringing this practice to a wide range of people and encourages your individual journey through yoga.

Website: amandafellyoga.com

Facebook: amanda.a.inglis

Instagram: amandafellyoga

Email:  amandafellyoga@gmail.com

Claire Robbie lead us through a meditation with a real approach of how it can make a huge impact on your life.

Claire has been teaching yoga and mediation for over 10 years. She has trained and continues to study with some of the world’s leading teachers in different styles/philosophies/types of meditation and yoga. She combines her own learning with her personal experiences from her own non-negotiable practice and teaches from the heart in an accessible and practical way. She knows that meditation is the foundational key to living a happy, content and peaceful life.

She is the meditation coach for some of New Zealand’s leading business people and entrepreneurs and is passionate about making meditation an integral and ‘normal’ part of our community.

Website: claire-robbie

Facebook: crobbie

Instagram: clairerobbie

Email: clairerobbie@me.com

Looking for a baby sitter & more?

The lovely Claudia who offered FREE childminding service at Event 3, is your girl.

Here's an intro from Claudia - I am Mum of two beautiful children who inspire and challenge me to do better each day. Being a Portuguese Mum of two in New Zealand was probably the most challenging time that I have experienced so far. Through a balanced lifestyle, support, encouragement and motivation from family and friends I was able to find my life rhythm - my now business Your Life Rhythm offers these services - 
Babysitting, Personal Training/ Motivator, Healthy lifestyle tips, Zumba Classes for all ages, I loved being part of this MOMM event, to help some deserving Mums out!

If you're looking for a baby sitter and more, we can't recommend her enough. 

Contact Claudia.

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