Event One


Leanne Prichard

Leanne took us through a 25 minute session of balance, stability and booty.  Then shared her inspiring story of surviving a brain tumour whilst being a single Mum, touching on factors of emotional wellbeing & wellness, offering us such great motivation! 

Leanne created ‘To infinity and beyond’ to inspire others with the journey that her life has taken…. the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly! To hear or see more here are her details below:
Website - www.toinfinityandbeyond.co

Email - leanne@prichard48.co.uk

Phone - +64 27 202 0998

Hannah MacDonald

Hannah spoke about small changes / simple solutions for exercise / holistic nutrition - some great take home tips!  She then took us through an intermediate HIIT session which really got us moving and left us on a high at the end of the event.

Hannah is a holistic nutritionist, PT and the face behind health picture, to reach out to find out more her details are here:

Website - www.instagram.com/hannahmachealth

Email - hannahmachealth@gmail.com

Phone - +64 21 277 1195



Feedback from lovely Mums who attended the event

- I loved both speakers, and I took a message home from both. Goody bag was amazing, as was the coffee straight after - thanks!

- Thanks for getting a group of ladies together to support them with information to help make good food/exercise choices. Great vibe!

- You did such a wonderful job.  I felt very welcome and you totally exceeded my expectations.

- Absolutely fantastic day! Thanks for organising an event just for Mums