A morning of time out 

Three incredible presenters led us in a morning of movement, real chat, goal setting, reflecting, connecting, resetting and relaxing...all very much needed after the year that has been 2020.

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Lisa Fong | Move it Mama

Lisa is the Founder of Move it Mama, and the winner of the 2019 Her Own Boss award. She is the mother of four little boys, and a wife to husband Dan. She is a teacher by trade, but now Move it Mama is her full time business. 

Move it Mama was born out of a need to exercise. Lisa needed to exercise to be on top of her game; a better mother, sister, wife, friend and so on.

As a busy mother of four boys and on one income, she also didn't have the time or money for a gym membership. This is why she started working out at home.

She needed her exercise regime to be simple, affordable, accessible and achievable; all of which she is committed to delivering with Move it Mama.

‘I have been lucky enough to pursue a massive dream of mine, helping others feel better about their lives by sharing my workouts and teaching people that exercise really is quite simple.'

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Connect with our amazing presenters

Kate Ivey | Dedikate

Kate Ivey has the online health and fitness community and app for busy women, called DediKate! It includes a number of different workouts that are new each week including resistance training, HIIT, HIRT, resistance band workouts, Yoga, Pilates running/walking workouts and a DediKate Nutritionist! All that can be done from home, or anywhere!


DediKate has over 1500 members all over NZ and a super supportive community of women encouraging and motivating each other through! DediKate also includes recipes, meal plans, running plans and health and wellness advice.


Kate balances running DediKate with being a mother of 3 and a farmer’s wife, and is on her health and fitness journey alongside her members.

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Helen Sian India | Yoga Live

Helen is a yoga teacher and wellness coach and knows what it's like to feel a little overwhelmed and a little exhausted with the added pressure of wanting to feel the most healthy, the most connected and the most relaxed...


She's found a way to manage that all though, with her super accessible, welcoming and relaxing online yoga group. Helen runs Yoga LIVE through Facebook where she teaches 3x 20 minute live sessions a week for $10 a month to get us busy, overwhelmed ladies feeling calmer, stretched out and yummy - she wants us all to feel that sense of space and relief we so often crave!


After teaching in studios for 7 years and managing anxiety, she wanted to find a way for women to feel safe, cared for and relaxed without worrying about everything that comes with leaving the house. Now she smiles when members message her to say they rolled out of bed stressed, but managed to practice in their pj's and now feel ready to take on their day with a smile on their face.


Helen's a normal lass, making yoga accessible because she wants everyone to feel chilled, cute and in-love with themselves. 

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